My financial year end is 31 March and, given that is looming (how fast?), I feel ready for a light review. Feel free to send me your comments (or ratings). Being self employed, I reserve the right to ignore them completely (maybe not that different from many organisational development review processes then….!)

  • Writing

Bolder and Wiser has been out for over a year now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the events and connections it’s led to (and continues to lead to). Over this past year, I’ve had a six part series on BBC Radio Nottingham, spoken at local book outlets  including Lowdham Book Festival, Five Leaves Bookshop and Waterstones. I’ve met supportive journalists at the Nottingham Post and LeftLion who have written great reviews and features. And it led me to get involved in the Nottingham Festival of Words and become a Director at Nottingham Writers’ Studio. I’m going to be chairing a panel at the Writing East Midlands conference this Saturday – when I attended last year, I didn’t know anyone there and it’s really great to be involved in the local very vibrant writing community like this. I was delighted when Bolder and Wiser won an Indie Brag award last year too.

I’m now starting work on a new book – a linked series of short stories, with a workplace theme – which is exciting and daunting and I’m very pleased to be able to access the support from this writing community now.

HUGE thanks for everyone who has supported me and given me opportunities throughout this year with my writing and publishing. It’s a humbling and exposing endeavour, and often feels like a fools’ game, impossible and pointless. Just occasionally, the sun bursts through and it feels brilliant though, scratching an itch that I’m sure any creative effort does. I think most people have that creative itch, and that scratching should be encouraged. (NB. This is entirely different to the output being brilliant. And does unfortunately sound a bit like head lice).

Sarah's book

  • Psychology

I never stop being interested in psychology. I love working with clients and find that more and more of my work is based around really good conversations about work – I help as best I can to help people make sense of their situation and find ways to direct what they’re doing, or tolerate some of it more comfortably, or find creative solutions to problems they face. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people this year, and seen coaching clients in particular wrestle successfully with some very challenging circumstances. I can honestly say I always find that inspiring. It’s lovely to have heard from some past clients too with news of progress and successes that have happened subsequent to the coaching sessions. A big hats off to those people courageous enough to take the lid off their work or mindsets or habits or personal circumstances and hold them up to the light to make sense of what they’re dealing with. It’s not easy.

I did take time out last year to work on the Nottingham Festival of Words which was slightly left field but a very energising and fun project to work on, as well as it being an opportunity to dive in and work in a team from five different organisations to deliver a very tangible event – a sort of ‘back to the floor’ exercise for an occupational psychologist!

  • And plans…

I am going into this next financial year with a few ideas and intentions, including:

- Changing the newsletter to monthly rather than fortnightly – which will allow for time to write the monthly column for Nottingham Post which I have just started

- Continuing to build the Creating Focus Friendly Society – to see what will emerge. I’ve got a good feeling about it. 

- Building in time for working on the new book

- And, most importantly, continuing to work with existing and new clients – most of my work this past year has been with good people on interesting projects or coaching journeys, and I count myself very fortunate to be in that position. Do get in touch if you’re a good person with an interesting project, I’d be very happy to chat! 


  • And could do better?

Ironic, I know, but I am working on being more focused. I have a lot going on, on many fronts, and am interested in a very wide range of things – hence my attention is easily attracted to lots of different things. But, behind the scenes, I am reviewing my various systems and refreshing those that seem to need it – with a bit of help from various people. Who knew, I’m actually quite enjoying it!

Do let me know what you see as my “could do betters” too – it’s important to know what they are.