We’re just back from a week on the Isle of Skye. Lots of fresh air (wind), fresh water (rain), and some welcome head space too. I’ve come back to find that many people are questioning many things – on international levels as well as personal ones. I have a sense that there is an appetite for slowing down long enough to review our priorities and tweak our decisions and actions accordingly. This often happens at this time of year I think. The new academic year and shift of season quite often provoke a desire to do some clearing out and make some changes. Time to sharpen pencils and cover new textbooks in wallpaper (all right, that’s just a sign of the age I was educated in). 

Physically, that might be about a few trips to charity shops or pursuing healthier lifestyles. But in psychological terms, it can be difficult to find the time, energy or space to do the equivalent overhaul. 

And that’s where – maybe – I can help. Increasingly I find that the clients I work with are deluged with so many competing priorities that making time to step back to explore what’s going on for them and to make calm decisions about how to proceed can be invaluable. It can turn a reactive working pattern (which is very easy to slip into in current workplaces) into something more considered and strategic – which is usually more efficient too. 

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