Sarah is an accredited member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.

Her coaching approach, Creating Focus®, can be applied either in an organisational setting or on a private basis.

Organisations may offer the structured Creating Focus® programme to senior members of staff, to give them the opportunity to take stock of their current challenges and to make good decisions about the way forward, for themselves or for the organisation or team.

This is charged on a day rate basis in negotiation with the organisation. Assignments are tailored to the organisation’s needs and budget.

Individuals may decide to use coaching to help them with times in their life when they feel stuck or overwhelmed, or unsure about their career progress. Very often clients bring a combination of work-related and personal issues.

This is charged on a sliding scale basis (between £40 and £120 per hour), recognising that individual circumstances can vary widely. Clients decide what to pay within that scale. The coaching relationship is built on trust, and clients are encouraged to pay a rate that is commensurate with their level of income; the amount they are willing to pay for other professional services; or how much their own charge out rate is if they work on that basis.

Sarah can carry out coaching via the phone or Skype as well as face to face. Sarah also has a wide network of associates that she can refer work to.

Please do get in touch via the contacts page to discuss your requirements, with no obligation.

Past clients have said:

Sarah’s expert guidance allowed me to take stock, identify and address pressing issues and pinpoint actions. Our coaching sessions set me on the path to take concrete constructive steps towards achieving significant changes both professionally and personally” Diana, Nottingham

“This was the best investment I could have made in myself. In an immensely skilful and gently challenging way, Sarah helped me articulate and work through a perfect storm of work related and personal stuff. From the outset this was founded on trust and a very supportive environment. She helped me work through complex issues in ways I could manage. She encouraged me to trust my own instincts and to know when things felt right for me. I am now back in the driving seat of my own life which feels pretty damn good.  It’s not too much to say that I use what I learnt from the coaching on an almost daily basis. Her approach is perfect for anyone undergoing difficult transitions in their work or personal lives. I didn’t just learn a lot about myself. Working with Sarah was also great fun and very thought provoking. The focus created through working with Sarah has stayed with me. An added bonus is that I still feel in touch and with access to ongoing support and encouragement  through her books and her newsletter” Sue, Liverpool

During a time of great change at home and work, Sarah helped me to gain much needed perspective. Speaking to her – on Skype – helped me greatly.” Michael, London




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