Lowdham tent

Playing to a packed house. Well, packed Scout tent.

I was so pleased to be included in the recent Lowdham Book Festival programme. In these circumstances, I usually set the bar quite low for myself so that success is easier to come by – a handful of people getting out of the rain counts. So – imagine my delight when the side of the tent had to be rolled up to enable those people who couldn’t fit inside the tent to hear me. They even hung around until I’d finished even though they had no shelter from the cold-ish breeze at all. And the people inside couldn’t really get out very easily so they stayed too. Seventy odd people in all. Cue frenzied book sales and crazy signing (these things are all relative but you know – we had to go and get the back up stock in the car).

AND it was followed by cake. I was quite hungry after all the gesticulating… (this photo has induced a do I really do that?  moment. Sadly, I know myself well enough to know the answer is yes. Hey ho.)

Lowdham me waving