A few months ago, I started a very informal and loose association and called it the Creating Focus Friendly Society. It’s got an active Facebook group (request to join if you’re interested), which has already seen some interesting discussions and some connections made between people in a useful way.

I’m taking my time over letting it evolve. It’s tempting to set an agenda or programme of events and so on, but I have a hunch that allowing things to emerge will be a better way. We’ll see.

My main purpose in playing with this concept is that I would like it to be a forum and space for applied psychology – where we can develop a diverse and supportive community that wants to learn or share what they know about applied psychology and to help each other do so, to ease the living of our very real, messy, challenging lives – both at work and outside of work. I spend my professional life helping people where I can to make sense of this and to act in accordance with that (and hopefully feel better in the process) – and my personal life wrestling with the good, the bad and the ugly in the same way that we all do. I know that some supportive, friendly company and sound psychological approaches can help. Beyond that, I’m open to quite how and in what form this might develop. I’ve got some ideas. 

So – as one move towards this, I’d like to invite you to summer drinks at the Friendly Society on Friday 24 July, 6-9pm. No agenda, just a chance to exchange ideas and meet some friendly people. We’ll see where it takes us.

If you are interested, email me on sarah@creatingfocus.org and I’ll send you some more details.