Sarah has always enjoyed writing.

She made a decision a few years ago to bring her creative writing urges closer to her work as a psychologist, recognising that at this stage of life she simply does not have time to write a novel, run a business, bring up children and stay sane. She was writing articles to support her coaching clients, bringing together research and experience in a variety of areas connected to well-being, and these formed the basis for what became her first book, Keeping Your Spirits Up.

Alongside writing books, she also enjoys writing articles and is especially fond of writing her newsletter, described by one reader as more like a blog. Whatever it is, she finds it is a very enjoyable way to stay in touch with a whole range of interesting people. Some of these are fellow authors and if you would like to join us over at the Alliance of Independent Authors, you can do so here:

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If you are also interested in following Sarah’s reading choices, feel free to join her on Goodreads where she lists and comments on her current reading (mainly fiction, with some psychology).



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